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Absent Oy is the leading supplier of service business software in Finland.

We heighten our customers' business by providing them innovative solutions and high-quality maintenance and consulting services. Our goals is to support our customers' global growth and success with our reliable software solutions.

We develop software sollutions in the Industrial Internet domain. We offer both basic tools (Ab DataCollector) and more complex service platforms (DSSP) for utilizing the possibilities of Industrial Internet depending on the customer's needs.

Our sollutions create new services that lower costs and improve a product's functionality during it's life cycle. The analyzed data collected by monitoring equipment can be utilized in services related to pre-emptive maintenance, product development and quality control. The services create new business opportunities and enhance competitiveness in the international market.

We aim to minimize the amount of traditional work tasks by creating intelligent sollutions to machinery. This enables for example making a maintenance company aware of possible future machine failures making it possible to start taking actions before the machine breaks down.

We have designed and implemented , for example, a comprehensive after sales system which is applicable for several fields in industry. Our customers stand out in the global market by making use of Absent Oy's know-how.

We have solid experience in designing, defining, implementing and introduction of diverse software projects. Absent Oy's approach to software projects is based on reliability and excellent service.

Our goal is to make our know-how visible through our customers' and their customers' success.




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